Monday, February 6, 2017

Opening Survey of Re-Readathon #5

Opening Survey

1. Tell us a little about yourself! I am a librarian and am married with no kids. I love reading, cooking, and gardening, but since it is winter, I can only do the first two right now.  I do have a book addiction and I don't actually know how many books I one, but I would imagine it is 500 or more.
2. Have you participated in a re-readathon before? How often do you re-read books? I think this is my third time participating, because I think I started with the second one. I re-read all the time, particularly if I am in a down mood. I tend to re-read Harry Potter about every year and other books every two to three years if I really like them. Rick Riordan's books are second to HP in the number of times I have re-read them.
3. What is your current favourite book? Heartless is my favorite recent read and I am not for sure what my all time favorite would be.
4. What do you love most about re-reading? Or what makes you wish you re-read more? I love reading about my favorite characters and discovering things I missed the first time around. Sometimes with a re-read I actually like the book better than the first reading, because I am not thinking about the review of the book and I am not as critical.
5. What's on your TBR? What are you gonna read first? I am starting with Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep to finish my re-read of the whole Mythos Academy series. Time permitting I will start Unwanteds so I can restart that series. I read the first two and haven't read any since, so I am re-reading the first two to remember the storyline. If I need a new audio I will listen to Street Magic again.

Day 1: I managed to read 50 or so pages in Killer Frost, but not much else today. The Super Bowl and time with family was important today, so I only read at night.


  1. Hi Sarah, great to have you on board. :) Heartless has just been published in the UK, and one of my friends was getting very excited about it the other day, so it's good to know it's with good reason. I'll have to check it out. I'm another person who rereads the Harry Potter series regularly, maybe not every year but every two or three for sure. The last two years I've got the illustrated hardbacks for Christmas which are a great holiday read.

    Happy re-reading!