Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows


My Lady Jane was the winner for my TBR list this month and it was an awesome choice, so thank you for choosing it! This also works for Beat the Backlist, since it has been on my TBR since it came out. It works for the Harry's Trunk Scavenger Hunt as well for the category Broomstick: since traveling as an animal is pretty unusual transportation as is riding on your husband's back while he is a horse  :)
My Lady Jane

The story is told in three perspectives by three different authors. First we have Edward Tudor, who in actual history, was king for six years and then died from an illness, but before dying named his cousin Jane as queen to try to prevent England from reverting back to Catholicism. Second, we have Lady Jane Grey, who in actual history, was queen for 9 days and beheaded by Queen Mary I.  Third, is Gifford Dudley, who in actual history was Guildford Dudley, the son of Lord Dudley, Duke of Northumberland who led Edward to name Jane as successor. However the actual history of the characters does not matter much in the book I am about to review. :)

So in our story instead of the battle between Protestant and Catholics, we have Verities and Edians. Edians have the ability to change into animals, as evidenced by King Henry VIII, who could change into a lion and eat messengers whose messages he did not like. When we enter our story, King Edward is dying of "the Affliction." He wishes only to live and kiss a girl, but as he is told he will die in less than a year, he gives in to a plan by Lord Dudley to marry Jane to Dudley's son, Gifford, who is an Edian. The idea is to protect Edians and keep them from being killed by the Verities of whom Edward's sister Mary is one. Jane and Edward have a special bond as close as siblings and when she realizes it is Edward's dying wish, even though she would much rather just spend her time reading, Jane agrees to marry G as Gifford prefers to be called. However no one tells her G is a horse during the day, since his Edian ability is his "curse," and he cannot control his change. In the meantime, Edward realizes he is being poisoned by Lord Dudley and his sister Mary separately and with the help of his sister, Elizabeth, and his dog/ really an Edian, Pet, manages to turn into a bird and flies away. Jane in the meantime is crowned queen, which lasts only a bit, as Mary gathers forces and takes over. It is up to the new Edians, Jane and Edward, G, and another friendly Edian, Gracie to try to save the kingdom and protect the Edians.

First of all, the book is hilarious. The trio authors manage to weave a bit of history into their fantasy alternate history and provide commentary to remind us what is sort of based on history and what is a complete departure. The idea of Edians seems a bit confusing to explain, but is not confusing to read. I tend to not like historical fiction, because I am nit picky about sticking to the facts, but I love alternate history and this is one of the best. I loved the three perspectives and I don't know how they did it, but the three views tie into each other seamlessly. I would not have known it was three different authors had the names not been on the cover. I really want to try the other works by the authors, because I want to see if I can pick out who wrote what parts. I loved the personalities of our three main characters and I loved how well the secondary characters were portrayed. This did not feel like an almost 500 page book. I also liked how they brought in Shakespeare quotes and other cliches and then pointed out it was still a few years off until Shakespeare and other sayings. I highly recommend this one if you like alternate history and/or Tudor times. 5 cups of cocoa!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Re-Readathon #5 Wrapup

I completely forgot to write my wrapup. I actually did well, I finished one book and read another 100 pages in a second reread. I finished Killer Frost and my reread of the series and I got part of the way through Unwanteds, which I have now finished. Thank you to the host of the re-readathon!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge 2017 signup

This is hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly and you can sign up at this link. I signed up for this last year and did read a couple of fantasy books. I think I will aim for 5-10 books this time, since I have sort of slowed in my reading. I know I want to read Wayfarer by Bracken and finish the Lunar Chronicles this year, so those will be in my reading list. I will list books on my challenge page as I finish them. Thanks to the hosts for this challenge!

My February TBR: And the Winner is...


I had you all vote on three books last week and the winner by a landslide was...
My Lady Jane

Thank you to everyone who voted! I am excited to read this one, since I have had so many people recommend it. All three of these authors are new to me and I think I probably have their other books some where on my TBR, so I am hoping to enjoy it and discover some new authors to read. I hope you all had good luck with your picks this time!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Opening Survey of Re-Readathon #5

Opening Survey

1. Tell us a little about yourself! I am a librarian and am married with no kids. I love reading, cooking, and gardening, but since it is winter, I can only do the first two right now.  I do have a book addiction and I don't actually know how many books I one, but I would imagine it is 500 or more.
2. Have you participated in a re-readathon before? How often do you re-read books? I think this is my third time participating, because I think I started with the second one. I re-read all the time, particularly if I am in a down mood. I tend to re-read Harry Potter about every year and other books every two to three years if I really like them. Rick Riordan's books are second to HP in the number of times I have re-read them.
3. What is your current favourite book? Heartless is my favorite recent read and I am not for sure what my all time favorite would be.
4. What do you love most about re-reading? Or what makes you wish you re-read more? I love reading about my favorite characters and discovering things I missed the first time around. Sometimes with a re-read I actually like the book better than the first reading, because I am not thinking about the review of the book and I am not as critical.
5. What's on your TBR? What are you gonna read first? I am starting with Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep to finish my re-read of the whole Mythos Academy series. Time permitting I will start Unwanteds so I can restart that series. I read the first two and haven't read any since, so I am re-reading the first two to remember the storyline. If I need a new audio I will listen to Street Magic again.

Day 1: I managed to read 50 or so pages in Killer Frost, but not much else today. The Super Bowl and time with family was important today, so I only read at night.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Re-Readathon #5 Signup

This link I used for this readathon is on Bex's site and here is the link. I have several books I want to reread and one I am working on now, so I had to signup! There are also two cohosts and minichallenges, so it all sounds really fun.

My rereading list:
Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep (in progress)
Unwanteds by Lisa McCann
Street Magic by Tamora Pierce

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My February TBR List

This is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading. Each month you pick three books on your TBR list and people vote on the one you should read that month. I haven't participated in this for months, because I got so far behind in my reading. February, while short, only has one book club book for me, so I should be able to read other things. For this one, I am choosing three books that have been recommended to me and I am going to have you all choose the one I should read.

My first choice:
My Lady Jane
Harper Teen

So many people have talked about this one and while I am reluctant to try historical fiction that is not based on history, I am intrigued by it. I have had multiple people recommend this title.

My second choice:
The Star-Touched Queen (The Star-Touched Queen, #1)
St. Martin's

I don't know much about Indian mythology, but this one sounds captivating. I also love the cover here.

My third choice:
The Girl from Everywhere (The Girl from Everywhere, #1)

I am kind of getting on the whole time travel bandwagon after reading Passengers. This one was a recommended read if you like Passengers.

Please vote on the choices and you can vote even if you are not participating in the challenge. Thanks to Michelle for hosting!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 Bookish Resolutions Challenge January Update


The 2017 Bookish Resolutions Challenge is hosted by Laura @ Trips Down Imagination Road and Michelle @ Because Reading and you can sign up at this link. For this challenge you must have 2 of 3 main goals, Blogging, Reading, and/or Personal and then subcategories for these goals.

My goals:

Reading Goals

1. Read at least 6 Classics. I barely missed this goal last year and definitely want to reach it this year. No classics so far, but maybe this month.
2. Read at least 70 books this year. I gave up on keeping track of books last year and I want to challenge myself to keep up with it this year. I am up to 7 books, so not too bad so far.
3. Finish at least 4 series. I did not reach it last year, but I want to try again this year. No series finished yet.

Blogging Goals

4. Blog at least 10 times a month. I almost met this goal last year and am trying again this year. I blogged 14 times in January, so good so far.
5. Complete at least half of the challenges I sign up for this year. I came very close to completing this goal, but not quite. I am slowing signing up this year. None completed so far, but I have started 3 of them.
6. Be more active commenting on blogs and on Twitter. By more active, I mean getting on Twitter and/or commenting on blogs at least once a week. Not too bad so far, I have tweeted quite a bit and commented on a few blogs.
7. Review at least half of the books I read. I basically just stopped writing reviews by the end of the year and I would like to do better with this in 2017. I still need to review one new book and I am going to do a combined review of my rereads, but not too bad so far.

Personal Goals

8. Lose at least 20 pounds. I gained back most of what I lost last year and then some, so I would love to lose that weight again and maintain the weight loss. I had lost a little last time I weighed, but this will be a work in progress.
9. Eat and drink healthier. I would like to eat at least a vegetable or fruit a week. I eat horribly and am not in good shape. I would also like to cut down on sodas, because that is all I have been drinking lately. I only had two ginger ales after the first of the month, and both were because I was sick. I have been eating oranges and putting lemons in my water, so I am doing okay here.
10. Exercise more. I would love to exercise at least a few times a month and possibly up this to a few times a week as I get in a bit better shape. I don't want to push things too fast, so for the first month or so, I would like to exercise at least 3 times a month. I exercised at least 4 times this month and am hoping to do better in February.

I am happy with my progress so far. How are you all doing?