Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I read this for the Little House Read-a-long and for the Story Sprite purple path for setting winter/snowy. It is also a Newbery read for the Newbery challenge.
The Long Winter (Little House, #6)
Harper and Row

Well this book is definitely about winter and snow! Laura and her family who have settled down close to De Smet decide to spend the winter in the store that Pa built in town instead of in their shanty, after a Native American predicts a long winter. Good thing Pa believes the man, because blizzard after blizzard hits the area and the trains cannot make it to town. Living on meager provisions, Laura and her family struggle through the winter, but they are a family who grows stronger in horrible conditions. When the town is out of food, Almanzo Wilder and another young man, Cap Garland decide to risk their lives to find a farmer who may have grown some extra wheat. Will they make it before the next blizzard and will the families be able to survive until spring?

This one definitely shows how hardy the Ingalls and other frontier families were! It also shows Pa's levelheadedness in dealing with price gouging and Almanzo's heart as he braves the elements for others. I also enjoyed how music plays such an important role in keeping them sane and almost cried with Laura when Pa could not play because of his swollen fingers. It was also nice to have another Mr. Edwards cameo as he leaves money behind for Mary's college fund. Laura definitely matures in this one and becomes more of an adult than a child as she helps Pa twist straw and tries to keep a cheerful front with her younger sisters. 5 cups of cocoa and a sweet story of a scary time.


  1. I had forgotten about Mr. Edwards' donation to Mary's fund! Thanks for the reminder! This indeed was a scary one! So glad you've joined us for this Read-Along! I apologize for not visiting sooner!

    1. No worries! I seem to finish the reviews at the last minute.