Friday, April 29, 2016

On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I read this one for the Little House on the Prairie Read-a-long and the Newbery challenge.
On the Banks of Plum Creek (Little House, #4)
Harper and Row

Laura and her family have moved from the wilds of Indian Country to the cooler climate of Minnesota. Pa plans to make a fortune off of wheat crops, but the unpredictable weather and grasshoppers may change his plans. While in Minnesota, Laura is able to go to church and school for the first time and she meets Nellie Oleson, a spoiled child. Through all the changes, the Ingalls family weathers the storm and hope to make a life on the banks of Plum Creek.

I love how Laura gets back at Nellie with the leeches. Nellie deserved so much worse, but Laura patiently bides her time until she tricks the brat. I also like that Laura has such positive teachers who build her up, both her regular school teacher and the Sunday school teacher. I loved the idea of the Christmas tree using presents as decorations and how the rich people in the East sent wonderful items to those in the West who had less. Again I marvel at how much the Ingalls survive through, floods, insect plagues, and blizzards! I wish she had talked a bit more about the quilt making, that is what I missed in this one, the details about how they made things that were in the first three books.

As far as being a Newbery honor, it was well deserved. There were so many memorable scenes and you really feel like you can understand what life was like for people back then. I remember this was one of my favorites in the series, because of the secondary characters Laura really brought to life. I can also see why these were the characters chosen for the TV show, like Reverend Alden and Nellie and her family.

I love revisiting Plum Creek and this one is a 5 cups of cocoa read for me!

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  1. This book does cover a lot of territory. And it is amazing to me that ANYONE survived! It was definitely dangerous! Glad this was a "5-cupper" for you! Thanks for linking your review to the Read-Along!