Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life Sentences by Laura Lippman

This was a book club book and will count for Setting begins with a B on the Full House challenge.
Life Sentences
William Morrow

Set mainly in Baltimore, the story is about Cassandra Fellows and her desire to remain a well-known and well-paid author. Cassandra wrote two stories of her life, both bestsellers, and then a novel, which tanks. She believes the best thing to do would be go back to nonfiction and when she hears about a case involving a former classmate, Calliope, and the use of the fifth amendment to hide the disappearance of Calliope's child, Cassandra believes she has hit the jackpot. She goes off in search of her former classmates and becomes involved in an affair with a classmate's husband, learns that her father and stepmother lied to her, and learns her own story is not as straightforward as she always believed. When she learns the truth about Calliope, she also learns what telling the truth really costs and how lies can become life sentences.

I wanted to like this one, especially because one of the ladies in book club loves her books, but it was unanimous that no one really ended up enjoying the book. I really liked Lippman's style, but hated all of the characters and by the end I didn't care what happened to them. They were all selfish, self-indulgent people and the story was too much about Cassandra and not enough about Calliope. I also wanted there to be more of an ending to the story, but it really was just about living with lies. 2 cups of cocoa, although I might try one of her other books someday.

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