Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life happens

Well I haven't been posting much lately, because life has been a bit crazy. Work was going badly there for awhile and that and other issues were depressing me so much that I did not feel like interacting with anyone and I could not even read. Things got a bit better and then last week I started having pains and it turns out I have several kidney stones that need to pass and one that is 6mm and may need help. Kidney stones cause excruciating pain and I really had no idea they were going to hurt so much. I spent most of last week in pain, but this week I feel better. I haven't passed it yet, but I go back next Tuesday to possibly have it pulled out. Prayers and good thoughts would be much appreciated! I hope to get back into the reading/blogging/commenting mood soon and I miss interacting with everyone!

I have been participating in the #ninjabookswap and #otspsecretsister projects and all that love has helped tremendously! I love my sisters and can't wait to hear from them each month.
Here is a pic of my first secret sister package:
She is so awesome!


  1. I am sorry to hear that your life has been so crazy lately. I hope things will improve soon. And those kidney stones sound horrible. I hope it passes soon.
    Your first secret sister package looks great!

    1. Thanks! I managed to pass one and hopefully the doctor will be able to take care of the rest on Tuesday. I am so happy with my secret sister! That has helped me feel much better. :)