Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Growing up, Farmer Boy was my least favorite in the Little House series, because I wanted to get back to Laura and her family. This time I got a bit more out of the book.
Farmer Boy (Little House, #3)

Almanzo is the youngest of four siblings growing up in New York on his family's large farm. He dreams of being able to work with his own colt, but instead has to go to school and is not allowed any where near the colts, because his father fears he will train them wrong. He enjoys playing and working with his siblings and going to the county fair. Throughout the story, Almanzo helps plant corn, clean the barns, make candles, and gets his own team of calves, Star and Bright. There are hilarious moments when Almazo is trying to train the calves and scary moments like when he is helping to gather ice and almost falls in the river. Growing up on the farm is fun and the reward can even be getting your own colt.

I loved seeing the contrasts between Almanzo's life of relative ease for the time period and Laura's life of hardship and knowing at some point they will share the same life. I found it interesting that even though he was a boy, Almanzo often had to help his mother with chores, like churning and helping to make candles. I also liked that his dad was willing to let Almanzo make his own choices about his future and that he had confidence in his son, like when he gave him money and knew Almanzo would make the wise choice and buy the pig instead of the lemonade. I also enjoyed hearing about the county fair and how Almanzo grew the largest pumpkin with milk. I love going to the state fair and seeing the large pumpkins there, which are grown in a similar way. I still like the books about Laura best, but I did gain a greater appreciation for Farmer Boy with this reading. 4 cups of cocoa!

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  1. Ack, Sarah! I don't know how I missed seeing your review before now! Actually, this is my favorite book of this series so far. I'm glad you found a bit more to appreciate in the re-reading! Thanks for linking your review for the Read-Along! :)