Sunday, February 7, 2016

Brief Thoughts on The Shack by William Young

This was a book club pick and I would classify it as an inspirational fiction.
The Shack
Windblown Media

I am going to do just a few brief thoughts on this one. The plot is that Mack has lost his daughter to a serial killer and they found her bloody dress in a rundown shack. About a year later, he gets a note from "Papa" to come to the shack. Papa is his wife's name for God and Mack decides to go there to see who the note is really from and experiences something he never dreamed of, a few days with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Parts of this were really interesting and I liked that the key is forgiveness, even when it seems impossible. I liked that the author attempted to have diversity in his depictions of the Trinity, but I felt at times he was not being true to the experiences of the culture of the races he picked. I did not like how he implied that churches were not good, because they only condemn and don't really "follow God's will". That is not my experience at all at church, so this just did not work for me. Overall it is not one I would read again and I would have a hard time recommending it to others. I thought it would be good for grieving families, but even then I think it could turn them away from others and God instead of providing the peace the book was meant to inspire. I did not understand the meaning of the ending until we discussed it at book club, so I did think this was supposed to be a "true" account, which was confusing, and only when they told me that a particular accident in the book determined Mack's experiences did it make sense to me. 2.5 cups of cocoa for me, mainly because I liked the discussion of forgiveness.

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