Friday, January 22, 2016

Story Sprites Round 3 Challenge Signup

So I noticed this challenge on Rachael's blog, Rachael Turns Pages, as a challenge she signup for and I thought it looked really fun. The Story Sprites challenge is hosted by Great Imaginations and here is a link to the signup. The goal is to complete a path by April 1st. You pick a color and complete those squares. You can do more than one path if you want. I am having a hard time choosing which path to take! I think I am going to try for purple, but I may try for more than one color if I get on a reading kick. Thanks to the bloggers at Great Imaginations for hosting!

Round 3 Board

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to sign up. I had a hard time choosing a path to complete also. College is going well. I'm kind of in survival mode as I get adjusted to my new semester schedule. I'm taking 21 credits this semesters so as you can imagine I'm busy plus I have my early childhood field experience which is 150 hours in the field. Thankfully she let me count my Christmas break hours, so I'm already 80 hours in, but It is stressful trying to figure out how to complete the rest of the hours and the assignments for the class.