Saturday, January 16, 2016

24 in 48 Hours 13-24

Hours read: 6.5
Pages read: 212-353 in The Girls from Ames, so 141 pages total, Little House in the Big Woods 24-180, so 156 pages total, and Mirrored 11%-57% so 46% total

Hour 4: I took a bit of a break from The Girls from Ames and reread some in Little House in the Big Woods. I am participating in a readalong of the series hosted by Bex and Lynn and January's book is of course the first in the series. I reread this last year too and only got through Little House on the Prairie last year, so I decided to restart the series. I am not taking a break from that and reading Mirrored. I love Alex Flinn's retellings and this one is a twist on Snow White. I feel sorry for Celine (Snow White), but felt little sympathy for Violet (evil stepmother) and no sympathy for Celine's mother and none for her father either. It is an interesting read so far.

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