Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Spirit Read-a-Thon Midweek Check in

The best way to start getting into the Christmas spirit? Joining Michelle's read-a-thon! Michelle hosts the read-a-thon at Seasons of Reading and the reading challenge at Christmas Spirit.

I have read 47 pages in The Sound of Sleigh Bells and 100 pages in Wonderland Creek, so not too bad so far! I hope to get a lot of reading done today while I rest up from Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Michelle for hosting! Hope everyone is in the Christmas spirit!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker

This was one of our eight titles for the Freshman Reading Challenge and unfortunately none of them picked it. :( It is actually a sweet read and series by the Kentucky born author. This will count for the Road Trip Reading Challenge as my book for Tennessee.
Wildflower (Wildflower, #1)

Bird Barrett and her family have spent the last few years singing and playing at honkytonks, bars, and small venues. At these venues, Adam, Bird's older brothers' best friend, often visits and the two have a challenge of finding the best fountain coke. Bird has a secret crush on Adam and longs for a friend to talk to, but as a homeschooled traveling musician, friends are hard to come by. Then one night, her dad loses his voice and Bird becomes the lead singer and is discovered by a music agent for a big country music label. She must decide between performing with her family or becoming a star, between Adam and her career. Most of the action takes place in Nashville, which is why it is my Road Trip book for Tennessee.

Like I said earlier, this is a sweet story with a little heartbreak and tension thrown in, but otherwise it is an easy and stress less read. Bird is a likable character who is thrust into the limelight and must learn how to cope. I think this is more appealing to a middle school age audience, because the romance is light, the interactions are innocent, and the plot is a bit more appealing to that age. Overall I enjoyed it and will probably pick up the next book in the series. 3.5 cups of cocoa!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Spirit Read-a-thon

The best way to start getting into the Christmas spirit? Joining Michelle's read-a-thon! Michelle hosts the read-a-thon at Seasons of Reading and the reading challenge at Christmas Spirit. You can sign up for the read-a-thon at this link. You have to read at least one Christmas book, but can include other types of books on your list. 

My Reading List:
Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin
Champion by Marie Lu
The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall
The Christmas Promise by Donna Vanliere
When Christmas Comes by Debbie Macomber

Thanks to Michelle for hosting!

Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge signup post

This is hosted by Michelle at her The Christmas Spirit blog and you can signup at this link.
I am just starting to get in the Christmas spirit and loved the challenge last year, so I had to signup again. This one also has a read-a-thon, which I will signup for next. I am signing up for Mistletoe (2-4 books) and Fa La La La Films, since I know I will be watching several. I have 2 Christmas books for bookclub, so I know I will read The Christmas Promise by Donna Vanliere and The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall. I have a couple of Debbie Macomber Christmas books checked out, so I hope to get to them as well.
Thanks again to Michelle for hosting! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My November TBR: And the Winner is...


This is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading. Thank you to everyone who voted! I had 11 votes which is the most I have ever had on this! It was close between two books, but the winner is...
Champion (Legend, #3)
I will finally finish this series! Legend is one of my favorite books ever, so I have high hopes for this one. I have trouble with finishing series, particularly the last book in the series. Thank you again to all who voted and I can't wait to see everyone's winners this month!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My November To Be Read List


This is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading. I took a break in October, because I just was not reading fast enough and my book club books were huge. I want to try to finish out the year doing the meme. For this month's choices, I am going to give second chances to a few books that did not make the cut at the end of voting.

First Choice:
Champion (Legend, #3)

I booktalk this series all the time and loved the first two books, but yet I haven't read this one. Legend is one of my all time favorites and still I can't bring myself to finish the series. This is a romantic dystopia with a strong female lead.

Second Choice:
Dearest (Woodcutter Sisters, #3)
HMH Books

I loved the first two books in this series about sisters Saturday and Sunday. This one follows sister Friday who is a seamstress. The books are based on the lives of seven sisters whose brother was the famous Jack of the Jack tales.

Third Choice:
Oblivion (Nevermore, #3)
Oblivion by Kelly Creagh. Kelly worked at Louisville Free Public Library until her writing career took off. I loved the first two in the series, with their gothic type horror and romance based on Edgar Allan Poe. This finishes the series and I am anxious to see what will happen to Isobel and Varen.

Which second chance book do you think I should read this month? Remember you don't have to be participating in this meme to vote!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge: October Update

Bookish Resolution Challenge

So September did not go well and I did not do an update, but I am back on track with October's update. This is hosted by Michelle at Because Reading is Better Than Real Life and Laura at Trips Down Imagination Road and you can sign up at this link.
My resolutions:
1. Read at least 6 Classics this year.
2. Finish at least half of the challenges that I signed up for this year.
3. Finish at least 4 series this year, particularly ones where I have only the last book in the series left to read.
4. Try to blog more, like at least 10 posts a month.
5. Get healthy!
1. I have finished 4 Classics and hope to finish 2 more this month. I am about a third of the way through Dracula and I have to read Wuthering Heights for book club. Wuthering Heights is a reread, so it will not count for the Classics challenge, but will count for this challenge.
2. Well, I am about halfway through most of my challenges. I have reached my goals for 2 of 10, so I just need to work on the other 8. Ha!
3. This one is completed! I still need to finish a couple of more series for some of my year long challenges, but for this challenge this goal is done!
4. Well, I only did 8 posts last month, so I will work harder on this one!
5. I am back on track on this goal. I am back at my starting weight, so I just need to actually lose weight and not keep eating like an elephant and I am good. I do need to get some more fruit and veggies in, so I may make that the goal for this month.

Hope you all are doing great with your goals! Thanks again to Michelle and Laura for hosting!