Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hero by Mike Lupica

So I read this for my September TBR and am just now writing the review, which is why I did not participate in the challenge this month. I hope to do so again in November. This will also count for Reading Road Trip, since most of the story takes place in New York.
Philomel Books

Zach knows his dad Tom Harriman is a hero who is always fighting the "bads," but he has no idea how much of one he is, until his dad dies. When Tom dies, his powers pass to his son Zach. Zach had no clue his dad could run like the wind or defeat men twice his size, or take on an entire gang and destroy it. Zach goes through all the emotions of being a "hero," anger at his dad, fear of himself, and finally the same sense of duty his dad had. As Zach's powers grow, he realizes that his dad did not die accidentally in a plane crash, but was murdered. With the help of a mysterious old man and his best friend, Kate, he will have to unwrap the mystery, find out who the "bads" really are, and save the possible future President of the United States. It is all in a day's work when you are the Hero.

Great quick read that is full of action and twists. It is also an easy read, which will be perfect for our freshman reading challenge! Lupica throws in Knicks basketball, a school bully, a best friend/future potential girlfriend, and a family legacy and wraps the story up nicely in barely over 300 pages. He also leaves it open for a sequel. I think for our challenge it is perfect, since it would interest a young teenage boy, particularly one who may struggle with reading. 3.5 cups of cocoa!

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