Saturday, October 17, 2015

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I read this book for the Classics Challenge as a Classic with a Person's Name in the Title. This was also a book club book.
Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)

Marissa and Matthew Cuthbert decide to adopt a young boy to help Matthew, who is getting older and is a little unwell, with the chores. Imagine Matthew's surprise when a red headed talkative girl is waiting for him at the train stop. Anne is everything Marissa and Matthew are not. Anne talks and imagines while the Cuthbert's are private and practical. Anne obsesses about her looks, while they are more interested in the farm. The whole community of Avonlea wonders about Anne, including her friend Diana and Gilbert Blythe who seems to have a crush on her. Anne worries that the Cuthberts will take her back, since she has been with two families already and worries about her red hair. Anne's temper and stubbornness earn her a few foes, but her charm and love of life make her more friends. As she grows from 11 to 16, she matures and decides teaching is the career for her. When tragedy strikes, Marissa realizes just how much she needs Anne and Anne learns that sometimes home is the best place to be.

This story is as charming and heartwarming now as when it was written a hundred years ago. I was surprised how easy a read this was and about how the humor translates so well in this day as it did way back when. I can see why elementary students all the way to adults love this book. I am only sorry I waited this long to read it and I would love to find time to read other books in the series. This is definitely a 5 cups of cocoa read! I highly recommend this classic and if you have not read it, you need to pick it up!

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