Saturday, June 27, 2015

Persphone the Phony by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

This is my June TBR book and qualifies for the  Mythology challenge.
Persephone the Phony (Goddess Girls, #2)

The second book in the Goddess Girls series, this book focuses on Persephone and also a bit on Hades. Persephone is a people pleaser and if her friends ask her to do something she always says yes, even if she doesn't really want to do whatever they are doing. She also has an overprotective mother, who wants to know where she is at all times. After an unwanted shopping trip, Persephone drops a ball of yarn and finds a cemetery where she meets Hades and the two strike up a friendship. Her friends and mother try to keep her from Hades, but Persephone sees that he is just lonely and tries to sneak and be friends with him. When pushed to her limits, Persephone must figure out if she has the courage to stand up for herself or continue to be a phony.

This series is a cute twist on the myths, where most of the Greek gods and goddesses attend a school called Mount Olympus Academy. So far only Zeus and Demeter are adults and the rest are teenagers, well, Athena's mom is a fly, so that is different. I like how Holub and Williams are giving the characters distinct personalities and Persephone is rarely given her own personality in the original myths. Of course the series is water downed for the intended age, but it works for that 4th grade audience. I do like how they weave in other stories, like the Trojan War, into what is going on in the school. The books are quick, easy reads and this one is no exception. 4 cups of cocoa and I will be booktalking these to my 4th grade group.


  1. This sounds like a cute series! :)

  2. You really are making me want to read this series :) It just sounds so cute and I love when they twist the gods! Great review!

  3. I have seen these books. I was wondering if they were good as I tend not to read younger aged books.

  4. Oh this sounds like a fun book and I like that twist of how they all attend a school called Mount Olympus. I don't know a lot about mythology, so I have no idea why Athena's mom is a fly, but I am sure it makes sense somehow. This sounds like a fun and cute mythology series!

  5. It is a pretty cute series. It is more for the younger female crowd, but I like how they use the original myths and build on them in different ways.