Tuesday, June 9, 2015

COYER Scavenger Hunt signup


The COYER Scavenger Hunt Challenge is hosted by Fantasy is More Fun, Because Reading, and Books, Movies, Reviews.Oh My! You can sign up at this link.

I loved participating in the COYER Summer Vacation Challenge last year and tried COYER Winter and did not do so well. It seems like I read more in the summer, so I am hoping to do better with this challenge. There are three grand prizes and the rules are read books that you legally own, no library books this year, which will limit the number of books I read for this challenge, since half of what I will read over the summer is book club books from the library. Remember to post reviews and have fun are the other two rules. There is also a list of the scavenger hunt items, which can be found on the signup link page. I am going to try to get a list together of what I plan to read and what I would like to read if I finish what I plan to read.

Thanks to Berls, Michelle, and Stormi for hosting!


  1. This will be my first time joining in. I'm excited to give it a try. I am terrible at following lists and I am lucky if I can read a book a week--but I hope to have fun, and that's what matters, right? Good luck!

    1. Yeah, I have trouble with lists too, but am hoping to stick to at least a couple of books. This one is alot of fun! Good luck to you too!