Saturday, May 30, 2015

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

This was my To Be Read book for May and is also my first book finished for the Fairytale Reading Challenge.

The School for Good and Evil (The School for Good and Evil, #1)
Sophie has always read the fairytales written by the Storian each year, when the books magically appear in the bookstore. She dreams one day of being abducted and taken to the School for Good, but in the meantime she does her good deeds, which include befriending Agatha, a girl who lives in a graveyard, who Sophie thinks is destined for the School for Evil. Agatha only wants to stay with her friend Sophie and her cat. When the Schoolmaster comes to still away two children from their town, Agatha tries to protect Sophie and the two are whisked away to the School for Good and Evil. However, Sophie is thrown in Bad, while Agatha is taken to Evil. Both girls believe there is a mistake, Sophie believes she is in the wrong school and Agatha just wants to go home and take Sophie with her. Sophie decides that maybe Agatha is right and they should try to go home, until she sees Tedros, son of King Arthur, and decides he is the prince for her. She wants her happy ending at all costs, but the Schoolmaster and the Storian have other plans for the girls. It is up to Agatha to try and save the day, but when the Storian starts their fairytale, the only way out is to finish the story and the usual way is death for one of the main characters. Can Agatha save the day or will one of the girls pay the ultimate cost?

I ended up really liking the story and the School. The characters at times bothered me, as Sophie seemed too damsel in distress and Agatha seemed too attached to Sophie. I also did not like Tedros at all. He was the typical jerk prince who felt he needed to save "the princess," who could not possibly save herself, even though she had saved him on more than one occasion. I did like the relationship between the two girls and was surprised by the ending. I managed to finish most of the book in one day and even stayed up late finishing it. I like Soman's writing style and world-building and did come to like the two main female characters as well as some of the secondary characters. The School and magical world were well developed and I feel like the characters will be more developed as the series progresses. I definitely want to read the rest of the series and see where he takes the story. The ending is not necessarily a cliff-hanger, but it does kind of leave things open. 4 cups of cocoa and a good twist on the ideas of Good and Evil.


  1. This sounds like a fun story with how the girls both think they are placed in the wrong school. Their friendschip sounds wonderfully writen. Although the prince Tedros doesn't sound too likeable. I hope you'll enjoy the future book just as much as this one! Great review!