Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Peacemaker by Lori Copeland

This is another book club choice and one of our two "Western" choices.
The Peacemaker (Men of the Saddle Series #1)
Tyndale House

This was a very fluffy read. Wynne Elliot wants revenge on Cass Claxton who jilted her at the altar. Wynne lost everything she loved during the Civil War; her mother died of sickness, which also resulted in her father's death, and most of their plantation was destroyed. She loaned Cass some money and expect him to honor his promise of marriage, but he left. Wynne tracks him down to Missouri and is thrown unexpectedly in the path of Beau Claxton, when she and her fellow travelers are robbed. Wynne does not expect to fall in love and only wants to kill Beau's brother, but can she learn forgiveness and real love or will she lose her soul to get vengeance.

This is my second Christian fiction read and it was okay. It was a bit predictable and had a neatly tied up ending, but it was a really easy read. It does make you think about revenge and what you are willing to sacrifice just to get back at someone who hurt you. I didn't really like either of the main characters, but there were a few interesting secondary characters and a few hilarious moments in the story. Overall it is a clean, gentle read. 3 cups of cocoa.

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