Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jinx's Fire by Sage Blackwood

Well, I was supposed to have this reviewed Saturday, but did not finish it until last night. I have got to get back into the habit of reading more.

Jinx's Fire (Jinx #3)
Katherine Tegen Books

Jinx knows he has to protect the Urwald from all outside threats, including the evil Bonemaster and his former friend Reven. On top of this, he needs to figure out what the Bonemaster did to Simon and get Elfwen away from the Bonemaster. With the help of Simon's wife Sophie, his Samaran friends, and the human and nonhuman inhabitants of the Urwald, Jinx may have a chance to save the trees and all those who depend on them. First he must figure out how to embrace his destiny as a wick to the power of lifeforce and avoid the temptation of seizing power for himself. Will he be another Bonemaster or can he truly be a Listener, one who does what is best for the forest?

Without having read the others in this series, my short summary is a bit confusing. What I like about the series is the character development of Jinx and Elfwen and even the adult characters of Sophie and Simon. Is Simon evil or good? Can Jinx avoid power while embracing it? Is Elfwen's truth telling curse a liability or an asset? Can Sophie forgive her husband? I also love the humor of this series, a bit dark at times, but I usually laugh out loud a few times while reading the books.

There are some good quotes too, but I forgot to take notes. One of my favorite sections focused on the idea of evil. Jinx is asked by the Elf Princess, his thoughts on evil. He replies, "I think it depends on what you actually mean... I mean, what you meant to accomplish. When you did the thing. Whether your intentions are evil." I am not for sure if I agree with his statement. The Princess responds, "That may be part of it, but it is also very much a matter of what you've actually done." This adds to it a bit and there are lots of discussions on evil in the books. I do think intentions and actions both determine the morality of what we do. Another good quote I like is from Elfwen. "If this was a story that was coming to an end, then my curse would be magically fixed because everything would have to come out exactly right for everybody. But real life isn't like that, and sometimes you just live with things."

Overall I really liked this series. I loved Jinx and Elfwen and Sophie and Simon's relationship. The dark humor and deep messages are wonderfully done without being morbid or preachy. 5 cups of cocoa and this is a series I will likely reread at some point.

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