Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

I was able to finish my book for My To Be Read list meme hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading.
This is the third and final book in the Darkness Rising series. This book was also my first finished read for COYER, since it was an ebook I borrowed from the library. It will also fit in with the Prequel and Sequel challenge and Series Enders Challenge.
The Rising (Darkness Rising, #3)

Maya, Daniel, and Corey were able to escape the Cabals, the supernatural groups who want to use them for their powers, but they left behind their friends and their families believe they are dead. The three hope to find someone to help and the person who does is not who they thought would turn up. Maya gets to meet her brother Ash, who is distant, but wants to help. After Maya is captured by the Nasts and spends time with her father, he convinces her to try to make a deal. She needs help to deal with the regressions caused by her skin-walker abilities, but she does not want to be forced into working for the Cabals. Being captured, she has little room for bargaining, but if she can escape, find the others, and find the Project Genesis kids, they all may be able to make a deal they can live with, if they survive.

This was a great conclusion to the series and it was interesting to see the tie in to her other series, The Darkest Powers. There is a bit of a love triangle and I did like that she did not make either guy into a jerk, so that the decision would be easier for Maya. It is not an easy decision, but I think she chose right. I wish Armstrong had demonstrated the powers of the other supernaturals, like she did in the previous series, and I still don't quite understand the sireni, if they are only strong underwater swimmers or if they have other powers. I loved that Maya was a strong female lead, but not completely perfect. I also liked how Armstrong looked at different family types and the strength of family. Armstrong talked a bit about prejudice in the book and her discussion was interesting until she then was a bit prejudice to "rednecks." I wish she had not used a prejudice against another group to show that prejudice is bad. Other than that, I liked the social commentary she provided.

Favorite Character: Maya is still my favorite in this series and I loved how she matured throughout the book. She is fierce!

Favorite Quote: "Because sometimes fighting wasn't the strong choice or the smart choice. It was just the stubborn, proud choice." I like how the ending was not ideal for the groups, but that they kept their determination and used their intelligence to make a believable choice.

This was a quick read full of suspense, which is what I like about her books and I liked that she introduced new types of supernaturals. I hope she writes more about these groups later and I hope to pick up some of her adult books later. 4 cups of cocoa!