Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dewey's 24 Read-a-thon Updates

Hour 3:
I hope to get started reading soon. The husband is leaving in an hour to go have fun on his roommate weekend and then I can really get started reading. I did complete the opening meme and I will be gathering my books soon!

Hour 4: The husband is heading out and I will be starting to read soon!

Hours 5, 6, and 7: Thankfully I can finally post again. Blogger was having a few issues. I have been steadily reading The Rithmatist and The Reader. I am 40 pages into The Reader and wow it is different from my normal reads. I am sure I have blushed a few times. The Rithmatist is really starting to pick up and I love the combination of mystery and fantasy. I have completed two mini-challenges, so I feel like I have finally accomplished something for the day!

Hours 8 and 9: Still reading The Reader and The Rithmatist, but I took a break to run to Sonic. I love their new boneless wings and got my favorite thing there the mozzarella sticks. I listened to House of Hades for a bit in the car. I also headed to the library to pick out a few more books, like I really needed them.

Hours 10, 11, and 12: Most of hours 10-12, I will be taking a break from reading and grading the papers for my Children's Lit class. I am almost halfway through with grading and really need to finish by tomorrow. I will also be going to Mass. I hope to start reading again about halfway through hour 12.

Hours 13, 14, 15: I got distracted by two other books, Starry Night by Debbie Macomber and House of Hades, so I am reading four books at once. I have also completed a few other mini-challenges.

Hours 16, 17: I am going between Starry Night, The Rithmatist, and The Reader now. I have read over a hundred pages in The Reader and the second part has really switched gears from the first part. I have read 70 pages in The Rithmatist and am really intrigued by the mystery part of the book. Starry Night is a pretty easy read so far and one that I will probably focus on the most for Hour 17, since I am starting to wind down.

Hours 18, 19: I finished reading Starry Night, which was 226 pages and then quickly fell asleep.

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