Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Snow Bride by Debbie Macomber

I read this book for the Christmas in July readathon as part of the COYER Summer Vacation challenge. I read and liked both of Macomber's Mrs. Miracle books, so I decided to try another of her Christmas books.
The Snow Bride

Jenna Campbell is a practical sort of person, so when she decides she is going to meet the man of her dreams in Alaska, a man she met on the Internet, her mother, friends, and boss are all concerned. Jenna has been in love with her boss for years, but he only sees her as a good assistant. Her mother has just divorced her 5th husband and Jenna is a little tired of taking care of her. Dalton Gray seems like the perfect escape and also potential husband material, since he quotes poetry and thought she was pretty based on an actual picture of her. At this point, Jenna is thirty and desperate and boards a plane to Fairbanks. On the plane, she meets Reid, who seems like a total jerk. He doesn't realize who Jenna is meeting in Alaska, until the guy doesn't show up. Jenna needs a ride to a smaller town in Alaska and Reid has his own plane, so he ends up flying Jenna toward her destination, until she tells him who she is meeting. He knows Dalton is no good and basically kidnaps Jenna and takes her to his town of Snowbound. He wants her to stay with his sister who knows just how bad Dalton is. However, his sister is out of town and there is no where else for Jenna to stay in this one woman town. With the charming locals and melting Reid's cold exterior, Jenna may find what she is really looking for.

My first thoughts were this reads exactly like a Hallmark movie. I looked it up and couldn't find a movie link for it, but it would make for a perfectly cheesy Hallmark movie. I actually secretly like those movies, but don't tell anyone. ;) Parts of the story were a little out there, like Jenna was a little too comfortable with Reid kidnapping her and the storyline with her mom was a bit out there. I did like that Jenna refuses to just dismiss Dalton based on other peoples opinions of him. She realizes they are probably right, but she wants to make up her own mind.

This was a perfect quick fluff read and perfect for Christmas in July. I am really excited about Mr. Miracle, both book and movie, coming out in October. 3.5 cups of cocoa!

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  1. I'm a closeted Lifetime Movie fan so your secret is safe with me. The Snow Bride sounds like a nice Christmas read or to save for a snowy day. Thanks for sharing your review.