Sunday, July 6, 2014

If I Should Die by Amy Plum

If I Should Die is the last book in the Die for Me series about revenants in Paris. This review will have spoilers for the first two books.
If I Should Die (Revenants, #3)

Kate fears the worst when Violette and the numa take Vincent's body and her fears are proven when Vincent enters her mind and gives her a final goodbye. Kate cannot believe that Vincent is gone and believes there must be someway to save him. The bardia fear that Violette now has the power of the Champion. When Bran, a healer, tells the group that Vincent is not the Champion and that he believes there is a way to reunite him with his body, Kate is willing to go to the ends of the earth for her love. The bardia meanwhile hope to find the Champion who may be closer to home than they think. Can the new Champion save them from the numa and unite all revenants?

I knew how this was going to end since there were hints throughout the series. I did find it a fitting ending, a bit Twilightesque, but satisfying. What I loved the most was Amy Plum's writing style, her descriptions of Paris were beautiful! I am really excited to try her new book After the End to see her style in a bit different plot. I will miss the characters of this series, particularly the secondary characters.

Favorite Character: Jules. I like his humor and his bravery in leaving his family to escape his heartbreak. The novella before this book from his point of view was very interesting and my favorite read of the series.

Favorite Quote: "Mercy is the key. You can force people to follow you but you will never have their love or respect."

Overall, this was a nice, predictable end to the series. I look forward to reading more of Amy Plum's books. 4 cups of cocoa!


  1. I have never read anything by Amy Plum, sounds like I should start!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I enjoy her writing and if you like YA paranormal romance it is pretty good.