Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yearlong Challenges Update

Since the year is now a little over half over, I thought I should check in with some of my yearlong challenges. I am doing okay in a few and I really need to catch up in some others.

I have read 2 classic books out of 6. I finished Animal Farm and Their Eyes Were Watching God. I am actually where I thought I would be at this time with this challenge. I hope to start Emma soon!

Smiling Shelves

I have read two for this challenge, Flora and Ulysses and Shen of the Sea, but I still need to review the second one. I am rereading A Wrinkle in Time with the Teen Book Club, so I will be counting it toward this challenge.

I have finished 7 for this challenge! I only need one more reread to reach my goal, but I think I will actually end up surpassing my goal with this one.


I have read 2 of 10 for these two challenges, so this is clearly where I need to work. I have several e-galleys that are patiently waiting on my Kindle, so hopefully I can catch up here soon!

I have read 5 out of 10, so I am exactly where I need to be with this challenge. I have a few in the middle books on my reading stack now, so hopefully I can finish two by the end of next month.

2014 Fairy Tales Retold Challenge

I have read 2 out of 7 for this challenge. This really surprises me, because I usually read lots of fairytale retellings and I feel behind in this challenge. I have 3 on my reading stack now, so hopefully I catch up soon!

I bumped this challenge up to 3 pairs because I finished so early last year and this year I haven't finished a pair yet! I have all my pairs picked out but have yet to start them. I must conquer this soon.

  Kristin Hannah Reading Challenge

I am only reading one or two books for these two challenges, but I haven't started either one yet. I think I know what I want to read for each one, I just need to check them out from the library.

I have finished The Calling and just have The Rising left to go to finish this challenge.

I forgot the April check in with this one, but I hope to do the July 1 check in. I am progressing okay with this one and will have a longer post on this soon.

I think that covers all of them except Book Bingo and an in depth Seriously Series. Both those post will be coming soon! Thanks to all the great hosts of these challenges!

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