Thursday, June 12, 2014

Library Books Read-a-thon Day 4 update

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Rachael talked about ILL or interlibrary loan today and how that has enabled her to read books that her small branch does not directly own. ILL got me through my first two degrees and made it possible for me to write about topics that were not just local history. I was able through my college libraries to get manuscripts and dissertations that were only available from one library or university and for very low cost! With the library in the town I live in Indiana, they have Evergreen and I can easily request a book online from most libraries in the state. Like Rachael's library, the books have to be at least 6 months old, but most of what I want are older books. At my work library, it only cost $1 to get an ILL loan and this helps to pay courier and mailing costs. There are very few books we cannot get, most of the ones we can't are books that are unique and only one copy exists. It is a great service!

Day 4 update: I almost finished another CD in The Enchantress, I think I have like a track left. After that I only have 1 CD and I will have finished it! I have been reading in If I Should Die, so I hope to make a little more progress there. I read 30 pages, so not bad for me!

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  1. ILL is amazing. My library doesn't charge anything, but we pay for it in taxes. It looks like you are going to finish a book soon. Happy Reading!