Saturday, May 3, 2014

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I have loved both books I have read by Rowell! She is very funny and creates really likeable characters. I meant to write the review for Attachments sooner, but I got in a review and reading funk and just would not sit down and do it.

Lincoln can decide on what he wants to be in life or how he wants to spend his life. His sister would say he is aimlessly drifting and that he needs to move out of his mom's apartment. His D&D friends enjoy his company, but most of them worry that he is stuck in life. Lincoln remembers that he was only last alive with his ex girlfriend. When he gets a job as an Internet security officer in a pre-Y2K world, he thinks he will be doing something. However what he is paid to do is read flagged emails, emails that have language or sexual content, because the old-fashioned newspaper office where he works is worried about that. For Lincoln, the emails are a life-line, particularly Beth and Jennifer's emails. The girls talk about their whole lives, Beth's flighty, non-committal boyfriend and Jennifer's fear of pregnancy with her awesome husband. As he is drawn into their world, Lincoln falls for Beth, but how can he make a relationship with her, when she doesn't really know him and would probably think he is a stalker.

Rowell has some hilarious moments and Beth and Jennifer feel like your best friends and there were parts that were almost identical to moments I have had with friends. The Baby Gap incident was my favorite and something I would totally do. The romance part both bothered me and didn't. Lincoln is a stalker, but a nice one, but still a stalker. Beth is not ready for a serious relationship, but she kind of is, but she isn't. I think it would be almost impossible to have a relationship with someone who had read my private emails, but who knows.

Favorite Character: Jennifer. I just really relate to Jennifer. I am scared of pregnancy, but then kind of want a child. I have "pregnancy" scares all the time, even when it is not possible for me to be. I just think Jennifer captures what it is like to be in the early stages of being married and trying to balance a fun life, a career, and the need/want to start a family.

Favorite Quote:"I know that people change, I thought...I thought we were going to change together. I thought that's what it meant to be in love."

Loved this one! Fangirl is still my favorite, but this is a close second. Can't wait to read more of her books! 5 cups of cocoa!


  1. Jennifer's characters was supper interesting. I totally agree. I wrote my review after seeing yours. Rainbow Rowell is becoming one of my favorite authors. I just have Fangirl and Landline left to read.

    1. I still need to read Eleanor and Park and I really want to pre-order Landline, but I am trying to be good!