Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

I read both of these for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge. I have seen both of the movies and loved them, so I wanted to give the books a try. These are also the first Debbie Macomber books I have read, so I used Mrs. Miracle as a New Author read.

In Mrs. Miracle, we are introduced to Seth, a single dad who is raising twin boys. Seth is a widower who has closed his heart to love and rarely talks to his boys about their mother. The other main character is Reba, who was betrayed by her sister and refuses to forgive her. In order to remind these two about the beauty of Christmas, Mrs. Emily Merkle appears as a nanny for the twins. Mrs. Miracle as the boys call her works to try to bring Seth and Reba together and to remind them of the power of family and love. Mrs. Miracle also works to bring together Seth's in-laws whose marriage has crumbled since the death of their daughter. Can Mrs. Miracle work her magic and bring the couples together?

In Call Me Mrs. Miracle, Jake is the heir of Finley's department store and currently running the toy department. He wants to make his father proud and makes a risky purchase for the store. He is going to need a miracle to sell 500 robots before Christmas and of course his miracle is Mrs. Miracle. Jake and his father also need help remembering the joy of Christmas, since they have avoided it after the death of Jake's mother and sister. Holly is trying to raise her nephew, Gabe, while his father is fighting in Afghanistan and works under a demanding boss who desperately wants to be loved herself. Gabe's one desire for Christmas is one of the expensive robots that Jake has in his department store. Can Mrs. Miracle bring Jake and Holly together and give Gabe the greatest present of all?

Favorite Quote: "To forgive is to set the prisoner free and then to discover the prisoner was you. Mrs. Miracle"

Both stories are heartwarming and simple stories of Christmas joy. Mrs. Miracle shows the value of forgiveness and how hate can ruin our lives. Call Me Mrs. Miracle shows how a little faith and love can make all the difference. They are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and great, quick and easy reads. I think Mrs. Miracle was my favorite of the two, because you could not help rooting for Seth and Reba to open their hearts again. Mrs. Emily Merkle (Miracle) is a great character and I hope Debbie Macomber writes more of her stories! 4 cups of cocoa for both!


  1. I love the books and the movies. They are some of my favorite. I think the first book is a little bit better of a story, but both are equally cheerful. I'm so glad you loved the novels Sarah.