Thursday, November 21, 2013

Unstoppable by Tim Green

This is one of my books for our March Madness booktalk event I am doing with our local high school librarian. I usually don't pick up sports stories, but this was a good, quick read.

Harrison's life has always been hard. His mom is an addict and he has been through 6 different foster families. When his mother misses a hearing about his future, Harrison is forced into an adoption with a vicious foster parent. When a tragic accident occurs, Harrison flees fearing he will be in trouble, but out of his trouble comes a ray of hope. The social worker recognizes he is not a troublemaker, only someone who has lived a hard life. She sends the boy to live with her own daughter, who is a lawyer, and his husband, a football coach. Coach sees Harrison's potential and introduces him to football. Harrison excels in the sport, begins a romance with the local doctor's daughter, and makes a true friend. After an injury, Harrison is facing a diagnosis that may be too much to bear. Is he truly unstoppable?

This book was based on the author's own experiences with his wife's cancer. Green is a veteran football player turned sports author and he knows how to capture the sport. At times though Harrison faces so much that it seems just a little unreal.

Favorite Character: Justin. He is a real friend to Harrison and even though he faces his own demons, he remains a good and loyal person.

Favorite Quote: "Believe in the incredible and you can achieve the impossible."

This would be a great read for reluctant male readers and I think some of the teen boys will want to pick this as their March Madness choice. It is a quick and easy read, but full of action. 3.5 cups of cocoa.

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