Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede

I read this for the Book Bingo Challenge, New Authors challenge, and for the Paranormal Challenge: dragons category.

Cimorene is an improper princess. She wants to learn Latin, magic, cooking, and fencing and does not want to learn embroidery and etiquette. She does not want to marry the prince picked out for her and instead of running from dragons, she goes out to find one. Cimorene becomes the princess of the dragon, Kazul and when knights and princes come to take her away, she asks them to leave. Through Kazul, she mets Morwen, a witch, and while exploring Cimorene also meets evil wizards. The wizards want something from the dragons and it is up to Cimorene to stop them, before it is too late.

I loved the characters in the story, particular Cimorene and Kazul. I like how both of the main leads were female and strong and independent. The story was a very quick read full of adventure and humor. I love how Cimorene's habits were referred to as not proper, because no one could really give her a reason for why princess could not do all the things she wanted to do.

Favorite Character: Cimorene was a great heroine. She takes the initiative to find the dragons to escape being forced to marry the prince. She does not shirk from danger or adventure. She does what is best for her friends and for herself.

Favorite Quote: "'He doesn't seem very impressed,' Cimorene commented in some amusement. 'Why should he be?' Kazul answered. 'Well, you're a dragon,' Cimorene answered a little taken aback. 'What difference does that make to a cat?'" I thought that was a fitting description of a cat's attitude to most large things, particularly humans.

This was a great quick read with a great heroine. This is perfect for upper elementary and lower middle school and for adults who like middle grades fiction. I can't wait to read the rest in the series. 5 cups of cocoa!

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