Monday, September 30, 2013

Teacher's Pest by Charles Gilman

This is another book I read for the September is for Sequels challenge. It is the third in the Tales of Lovecraft series, so there are spoilers for the first two books.

Lovecraft Middle School appears to be your average state of the art middle school, but behind its facade lurk demons and monsters that are straight from nightmares. After defeating the twins and a teacher, Robert and Glenn face down their next challenge, the class president, Howard, who is a gigantic bug. Howard plans on creating a bug army for the evil Tillinghast and causes wave after wave of insects to invade the school. Couple with this, Glenn begins acting strange and Robert fears he has lost his friend forever. To try to discover the evil plan, Robert sends Pip and Squeak down a tunnel. When the two-headed rat does not return, Robert will stop at nothing to save his friend and the world from the buggy invasion.

The book is full of gross situations and mild horror, perfect for a middle grade read. The series has the chills of Goosebumps with the grossness of the Rotten School books by Stine. Each one has an ending, but they all build up to the next story in the series. Each demon seems worse than the last and you wonder what is going to happen to those who are taken over and if Robert and his friends will be able to stop Tillinghast from destroying the world.

Favorite character: Robert. He is a good and loyal friend and apologizes for his mistakes. He is mean to Karina in this one, but apologizes for his rudeness. He manages to defeat the evil minions of Tillinghast, but never gets too cocky.

Favorite quote: "'If we were strangers? And I saw you standing in a crowd of others kids? I wouldn't even notice you.' 'That's very sweet,' Karina said, shaking her head. 'That's probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me.'" That is the perfect thing to say to a ghost girl. ;)

The horror is perfect for 5th grade and the grossness will definitely appeal to boys. 4 cups of cocoa!

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