Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling

As soon as I found out Rowling had a new book and it was a British mystery novel, I had to try it. I haven't read Casual Vacancy, but I have read the Harry Potter series and to me this book read like the HP books. It is not a fantasy and there is not a school for witches and wizards, but it has the same writing style as the HP books.

Comoran Strike is having a rough week. He broke up with his beautiful girlfriend, has few clients, and just accidently groped his new temp, Robin, to keep her from falling down the stairs. His luck is about to change, when John Bristow, brother of Lula Laundry a model who fell to her death, begs Comoran to investigate his sister's death. Comoran with the help of Robin begin to unravel the last days of Lula, looking into the whereabouts of her friends, working colleagues, and acquaintances. The twists and turns will keep you guessing up until the very end. Both Robin and Strike are likable characters and are the dual points of view in this novel. The ending was surprise for me and I hope Rowling writes more Strike books!

I love Rowling's writing style, to me it seems very conversational, like you could actually communicate with the characters and that they are telling you the story. This reads like an Agatha Christie book with a little more language and grittiness. I love the British mystery novels like this and am glad that Rowling did branch out from HP, although I wouldn't mind another fantasy story from her. :) There is quite a bit of language (f-word and sexual) in this one for those who might be offended by language, but otherwise I highly recommend the book. I actually didn't notice the language as much as some of my friends who read it, but I thought I would mention it.

Favorite Character: I love both Strike and Robin. Robin so wants to be a detective and she is actually pretty good at it. Strike is just a really interesting character. He deals with all that life has thrown at him, including his mother's death when he was a teen and his war injury, but still is focused on his work.

Favorite Quote: "Strike was used to playing archaeologist among the ruins of people's traumatized memories; he had made himself the confidant of thugs; he had bullied the terrified, baited the dangerous and laid traps for the cunning."

Great read! I loved the writing style, the plot, and the characters. It makes me want to read a few more British mysteries and more of Rowling's writing and more books about Strike and Robin! 5 cups of cocoa!

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