Sunday, August 25, 2013

Once a Witch by Colleen MacCullough

Tamsin wishes she had a Talent like all the other witches in her family. For Tamsin, there is the added pressure of the prophecy made at her birth, which stated she would be a beacon for her family. Hardly. Her sister Rowena is the perfect one and the one destined to lead the family. Tam has even escaped to New York to go to school in order to deal with her lack of Talent. She has a normal friend Agatha and is dealing with her family's embarrassment.  When she is home on break, a handsome stranger comes to her grandmother's store and assumes Tam is Rowena. She encourages him in the lie and promises to find a clock for him. Knowing she cannot find it on her own, she accidentally enlists the help of Gabriel, her childhood friend, who has just come back to town. Tam's quest will unleash a power almost forgotten and will endanger the lives of her family and best friend Agatha, and will possibly destroy her family's future.

This was a nice, quick read and had an interesting plot. Usually the heroine is all powerful, but Tam lacks any power and is never the top in her family. Tam is down-to-earth and likeable. The ending made me want to go out and quickly read the second book. I do have a copy of it now, but I am resisting until I finish a couple more books I had already started.

Favorite Character: Tam. I liked how Tam is the outcast in her family, but still strives to please them. This is her biggest flaw and comes with repercussions. Tam embraces her mistakes and strives to make things right. She is headstrong, but also funny.

Favorite Quote: "You have your own role to play. You are a beacon for us all."

The book was fast paced and I really liked all the characters. I like what MacCullough does with the family's Talents and I wish the book was a little longer, so that she could explain more of the family's history. 4 cups of cocoa.

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