Sunday, August 11, 2013

Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike

I received this as an eARC from Penguin on Edelweiss. I loved Pike's Wings series and liked Life After Theft, so I was very excited to read the first book in her new series. This was as good as the Wings series and possibly a bit better. I also love the cover of this one!
Earthbound (Earthbound, #1)

Tavia is recovering from a plane crash, a crash in which her parents died and she was the lone survivor. Tavia has severe injuries, but it is a miracle she survived at all, a miracle she may have caused. Sent to live with a step aunt she has never met, Tavia is trying to adjust to a normal life and makes a friend at the library, Benson, whom she would like to be more than friends, until she begins having visions of another guy. Quinn appears out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly. He seems to have a message for Tavia, but she wonders if she can trust him. With Quinn's appearance, Tavia also begins to make things out of nowhere, starting with chapstick. The things disappear in five minutes, but creating them at all is unreal. When Tavia learns from her "aunt and uncle" and her therapist, that she may be other worldly and that there are those who would kill her, she doesn't know who to trust. She turns to Benson and the two struggle to learn what Tavia is and just who Quinn is. Through devastating betrayal, Tavia must embrace who she is in order to save her love and the entire world.

The plot was awesome and the characters were intriguing. I loved the taste of the myth world that Pike has created for this series and the end has me wanting to read the sequel right now! There is sort of a love triangle here and a very interesting one. I also liked the ties to the past and the fact that Tavia still has secrets we haven't learned yet.

Favorite Character: Tavia. She is strong and tries to choose her own path. She continues to fight even when the odds seem against her.

Favorite Quote: "Some people are emotional eaters: apparently Benson is a thinking eater." "Homework, creating things from thin air, the problem of two boys who've each laid claim to half of my heart, whatever you want to call it."

This is one of my favorite reads so far this year. Pike's writing style is addicting and she matures with each book. Definitely 5 cups of cocoa and I can't wait until the sequel!

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