Monday, August 19, 2013

Beat the Heat Readathon Wrap-up Post

Phantasmic Reads
My goal for this readathon was to read at least 500 pages and to finish Earthbound and one other book. I also wanted to find a couple of new blogs to follow and comment on a few posts. I did find a few new blogs and did comment on a couple of posts. I also finished Earthbound and Girl with the Iron Touch and with the extension, The Cuckoo's Calling and Once a Witch. I did two of Jessi's mini-challenges and attempted one of Reanna's. So not bad. My page total ended up being 1141, which is fantastic for me! I did pretty good considering I have been taking care of the sick cat. I am going to take her back to the vet today, since she is severely dehydrated. Hopefully they can give her an IV, but if she is too bad off, the news will not be good. :(
Hope you had a good readathon! Thanks to Jessi and Reanna for hosting!

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  1. I hope your cat gets better. That is an amazing page total. I'm so glad you got a lot of reading done in these past three weeks. What a great readathon. I hope they will do it again next year.