Saturday, August 17, 2013

ARC August Update #2 and Beat the Heat Check in 2

I finished Cuckoo's Calling this week for the Beat the Heat marathon. I have surpassed my goals, which makes me happy! I have read a little more of Hero for the ARC August challenge and reviewed two ARC egalleys, so that is something at least. My excuse for not reading and blogging as much follows this paragraph, but it is a rambling stressful story, so feel free to skip it. Good luck to everyone with the rest of the challenges!

I haven't been blogging as much, because of our poor cat. Our cat is asthmatic and she has had a rough last two weeks. We have been treating her asthma for around 3 years now. We took her to the vet at the end of July, because she had a cold and she took her medicine and seemed a bit better. She never completely kicked the cold and now her allergies have kicked in and she cannot breathe without great effort. She stopped eating and drinking, so we went back to the vet yesterday and Dr. Sherrie gave her two steroid shots and more medicine. Today she is a bit better and is drinking a little on her own, but we are still having to force feed her. If you have ever force fed a cat you know that it is terrible and hopefully you never have to do this. Cats can only go 3 days without food and then their livers will develop fatty tissue and after that the diagnosis is not good. We are hoping we caught the problem with enough time left to really help her. I know with asthma she does not have a long life expectancy, but we want her to live as long as she is comfortable. Since she is only around 4 years old, we are doing all we can to extend her life in healthy ways, but these last two weeks have been awful. The vet thinks she is still in pretty good shape, so no talk of putting her down, but I am still really sad about how the poor cat has to live. Apparently this is just a bad time of year for asthmatic cats with allergies (most asthmatic cats), so we are going to keep treating her in the hope that she does get better. Usually her asthma is fairly manageable and she is like a normal healthy cat, so I am hoping she will return to her usual self soon. She has my almost complete attention now, so I will probably not post as much unless she does start feeling better. Thanks for reading my rant!

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