Thursday, July 18, 2013

Page 99 Challenge hosted by Kayla @ The Bibliphilic Nerds

The page 99 challenge is hosted by Kayla @ The Bibliophilic Nerds. You read page 99 of a book you want to read, but haven't yet and write a synopsis without spoilers. Then you tell whether or not you would read the book.

I chose Daughter of Smoke and Bone, a recent purchase and one I haven't started yet.
Karou is trying to keep a door closed and shouting in Arabic at a woman. She needs to make a portal to escape an angel. She has tattoos on her hands which contain some kind of energy to try to keep the angel away.

This is an exciting page! I want to know who Karou is, why she is being chased by an angel, and who is waiting for her on the other side of the portal. I definitely want to read the book now!

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