Sunday, July 7, 2013

Achieving Apollo by Rachael Leslie

This was my Random Read for June.  I did finish reading the book in June, but I am just now writing the review. I went to college with the author and am friends with her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law advertised the book on Facebook and I really wanted to read it to support Rachael. Also it is a twist on Greek mythology and I really like myth twists.

Bert Myers is living the rock and roll dream. He and his band are on top of their game, if only he could get rid of his terrible nightmares. When the nightmares start to happen while he is awake, he knows he has to find help. Help comes in the form of Greek gods and they claim he is Apollo. They want him to accept his destiny and give into his visions to save the world. The gods are battling the Titans again and it is up to Bert as Apollo to try to save the world.

I loved her writing style and it was actually a quick read. You feel sorry for Bert and admire his strength to try to be Apollo, even when he doesn't want to embrace his destiny. Rachael stayed true to the essence of the Greek myths, the ending may not be 100% happy, but it is in keeping with the endings of many myths. Hermes gives us the Epilogue which was a nice touch and he is as enjoyable a character as Bert. The ending confused me a little, but after taking the time to think about it, it is fitting. I hope she writes a sequel, because I want to know more about the other gods and hope to see them find more of the missing ones. I also like that this could work with teen readers, because it is pretty clean, and our teen patrons love retellings of myths.

Favorite Character: I did like Bert, but Hermes is my favorite. Hermes tends to be my favorite in most retellings. He is funny, but loyal. He also knows when to be serious and when to cut up.

Favorite Quote: "'Has anyone ever told you to welcome creativity? Let it come when it wills, and beautiful things might happen. Hold it away, and it taunts when you beg for it.'"

I really enjoyed the story and hope she writes more. 4 cups of cocoa!

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