Thursday, June 13, 2013

Short Review: One Day More by Aprilynne Pike

One Day More: A Life After Theft Novella
One Day More is the prequel novella to Life After Theft. This story is from the point of view of Kimberlee and shows her life before the accident. Kimberlee's parents rarely pay attention to her and her main friend has a drinking problem, which she encourages so that she does not have to face her own life. Kimberlee is a kleptomaniac and her goal with most of her stolen items is to steal emotions of others. She takes items that have meaning from schoolmates, teachers, and random strangers. She doesn't want to steal, but how can she face her seemingly empty life without stealing? The story concludes with Kimberlee's introduction to Jeff.

Life After Theft was not my favorite Pike book. I really liked the Wings series, but I just did not like the characters in Life After Theft. I feel like I now have more insight into Kimberlee's life, but it really did not make me feel that much more sympathy toward her. I like Pike's writing style, but just not the characters.

Favorite Quote: "But I am a mature young woman who knows how to control my childish impulses, so I don't do that."

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