Thursday, June 13, 2013

Short review: My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

This is a prequel novella to My Soul to Take. Kaylee suffers from bad panic attacks. When she and her best friend Emma go to the mall to pick out a killer outfit to shove in the face of her ex, Kaylee begins to feel the need to scream. Kaylee cannot escape her scream and a vision of death for a young boy. After her "panic attack," Kaylee wakes up in Lakeside, a mental health facility and knows she must control the outburst or face a life in a facility. There she meets a mysterious girl who promises to help her. I loved Rachel Vincent's writing style and I am intrigued by Kaylee's "panic attacks." I love that Kaylee keeps her sense of humor throughout her ordeal and makes jokes instead of giving into despair.
Favorite Quote: "Great. I'm psychotic and sparkly."
I feel like Kaylee is really the only character that was given any depth in the short story, so I would have to say she is my favorite so far. I think Emma will be interesting too and I like what I saw of their friendship. Unfortunately or fortunately I now want to read this whole series, so I have a bigger TBR list. :)

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