Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Library Books Read-a-thon

This is hosted by Rachael at Rachael Turns Pages. The goal is to read books you have checked out from the library. This Read-A-Thon will start at midnight on June 21 and will go until midnight of the 28th. You can sign up at this link. Obviously working in a library means I have too many books checked out. I also check out books from the county library where I live. This means I have lots of books from both libraries, so this read-a-thon will be really helpful. I will post a reading list a little closer to time. Thanks to Rachael for hosting!


  1. Thanks for signing up Sarah. Does work in the library let you get newer books faster?

    1. One of the perks of working in a library is getting first dibs on books once they are cataloged. We usually get books on their release dates or within a day or two. This is probably the best part of the job, other than recommending books to others and of course storytime. :)

    2. That's great. It usually takes a little while for patrons to get newer books, but I think our library is pretty fast.