Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Dead and the Buried by Kim Harrington

I picked this for my spooky read during the Spring into Horror read-a-thon. My cousin loved this book and has recommended it to everyone in her 5th grade class. I was surprised at this, because the main character is a high school senior, but content-wise there is not anything that would be too shocking for a fifth grade reader. She is a really advanced reader, so the reading level may be a little high for fifth grade. After I picked up the book, I thought the author's name was vaguely familiar. One reason for this is I requested an e-ARC for this book, so I have this from Netgalley and Point/Scholastic. Also Kim is also the author of Clarity, which I really enjoyed and Perception, which I have on my shelf and have yet to read. Hopefully I can fit Clarity on my list soon!

The Dead and Buried
Scholastic Point

Jade is both excited and nervous about living in a new town and starting a new school. Her dad and stepmom finally found a place they can afford and really want her half-brother Colby to have a great education. Jade adores Colby and to her he is her brother, not just a half-brother. The other constant love in her life is her mother's gemstone and jewelry collection. Her mother died when she was nine and she loved jewelry design. Her father remarried two years later and Jade does love her stepmom Marie, but she will never be her mom. When Jade starts her new school, she learns her dream house was the sight of a murder, Kayla Stone the most popular girl in school was pushed down the stairs and no one was ever charged. Also on her first day, Jade meets Donovan and she feels an instant connection, but Donovan is Kayla's ex and a possible murder suspect. As Jade meets Kayla's "friends" and guys interested in Kayla, everyone is a suspect. When Kayla starts haunting Jade and threatening Colby, Jade must find the killer, before Kayla destroys them all.

I loved the suspense of this ghost story and how you were constantly guessing who the killer was. Kayla was a mean girl, so it really could have been anyone. Also the romance between Jade and Donovan was sweet and developed at just the right pace.

Favorite Character: Jade. She loves her brother, holds her emotions in check to protect him, and deals with a lot of hostility from her stepmom. I am glad at the end the two realize how to create a relationship, but Jade definitely was more mature than Marie. Jade is a strong character and loyal to those she loves, including outcasts at school and her family.

Favorite Quote: "We want who we want, right? No matter what other people say. No matter what reason or reality we're faced with. No matter what facts our brains process. The heart's a stubborn organ."

I loved the suspense and how Harrington builds up the evidence. Kayla was truly horrifying in life and in death, but she gets her justice and revenge. Spooky ghost story with a romantic twist and the book will keep you guessing and guessing again until the end. I read this almost in a day, so I definitely liked it. 5 cups of cocoa!

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