Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mind Games by Kiersten White

I was so excited to get an e-galley from Netgalley and HarperTeen and read half of the book before it released. Then I was so busy at work that I just now finished the other half.

Annie and Fia have special abilities, which make them a desired commodity. Annie can see the future, even though she is blind and Fia has perfect instinct. Annie even saw the girls' parents death, but could not prevent the car crash. The girls are tricked into attending the Keane school, when Mr. Keane becomes aware of Annie's powers. Seers are not rare and it isn't long until the school sets their sights on Fia's rarer ability. Fia becomes their hands, killing, stealing, and learning secrets. Fia is forever damaged by being used, but she cooperates because she knows they will kill Annie if she doesn't. James, Keane's son, seems to care about Fia, but her instincts tell her he is wrong for her. James seems both his father's tool and to really hate the man. There seems to be no escape, until Fia defies orders and does not kill Adam. Annie has seen that Adam could be a threat to her and Fia, but Fia's instincts tell her to take care of Adam. Adam could be their destruction or salvation and it is up to Fia to decide.

I loved White's Paranormalcy series and was so excited to read her new book. The same sarcastic humor is here, but it is so much darker. Fia is a damaged heroine and at times ruthless and caring. Annie is both selfish and loving with her sister. The two love interests are as different as night and day, but you can't help rooting for them both. Awesome start to the series!

Favorite Character: Fia. She is both dark and light. She has a sense of humor, but is also deadly. You want her to be healed, but know that she is forever damaged.

Favorite Quote: "We understand each other. I can read the lines of his shoulders, catalog the lies of his smiles; he can touch my hands and not care." "We are a matched set of perfect liars, perfectly destroyed people, perfect for destruction."

Even though this was dark, I loved it! White has a great fast-paced writing style and she knows how to surprise! Definitely 5 cups of cocoa! This will be one of my top picks for the year.

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