Friday, April 5, 2013

Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey

This is another book in the Once Upon A Time series and I read this for my two Fairy Tale challenges.

On the day of Aurore's christening, she is cursed by her Aunt Jane, who had become invisible to others. Jane curses her to die when she becomes sixteen from a prick of her finger. Her parents are devastated since she is an only child. In Aurore's world, magic is not supposed to be undone, but her mother begs her friend and Aurore's godmother Chantal to take away the curse. Chantal removes the promise of death and instead says she will sleep for 100 years until she is awakened by true love, but she can do no more. Aurore grows up very sheltered and it is only through her cousin Oswald's aka Prince Charming's help that she is finally able to see part of the world. Aurore, like her father, grows to care for her people and Oswald seems to charm the nobles. Oswald stands to inherit the kingdom if Aurore cannot rule, and Aurore does not trust her cousin. Oswald himself seems to suffer from his own curse of loneliness. When the kingdom seems close to the brink of disaster, Aurore is willing to leave to save her people. She enters La Forete, the enchanted forest and only true love can save her.

This was an interesting twist on Sleeping Beauty. Aurore is not the typical sleeping damsel in distress, but a princess determined to find her own destiny. Cameron Dokey usually gives her princesses strong independent personalities. Oswald was a complex character with a few different nicknames in the story that reflected his personality changes. I enjoyed the twist on the hundred years and the ending.

Favorite Character: I liked both Aurore and Oswald and their relationship. They seem to complement each other and each made the other one a better person.

Favorite Quote: "For true love always knows its own measure. And it is the measure of two hearts, combined. Two hearts who need no other magic than what they hold inside, for they have learned to beat as one."

Cameron Dokey is my favorite author in the series and this was a good read. It is not my favorite of hers, but I still enjoyed it. 4 cups of cocoa.

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