Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fairy Tale Read-a-thon Day 1 Update

I only read 24 pages in The Crimson Thread yesterday. I went to the Cincinnati Museum to the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit which was really interesting! I had always pictured the scrolls to be larger, but really all the archaeologists and scholars had to work with were little scraps. They had ten of the scrolls on display and other artifacts from the time period, mainly pottery, but still it was a great exhibit. However, we picked the record breaking day to go and it was packed! There were also having an Irish, Scottish, and Welsh cultural heritage day and there was bagpipe music and lots of Celtic crafts to buy. I bought shortbread cookies, some with fudge in them and some with strawberry jam, which was delicious! I also bought a bracelet with Claddagh symbols on it. My friend bought lots of stuff of which I am jealous, since I did not take that much money with me. It was a three hour drive from their back home and I did not get home until 9, which was actually 10 with the time change, so to make a long story short, I did not have but a few minutes of reading time. I hope to do more reading today! How is your reading going?


  1. A Dead Sea Scroll exibit sounds fascinating! What a great way to spend the day, even if it was a little crowded

  2. 24 pages is better than nothing.