Monday, February 4, 2013

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

This is the second book in the Hush, Hush series. I am counting this toward the Paranormal Reading Challenge and the Sequel Challenge. This will have spoilers for the first book in the series, Hush Hush.

Since Patch saved her life, Patch is now Nora's guardian angel. Nora thinks this is great, until Patch tells her the archangels are watching them and that he could be in trouble and possibly end up in hell, because of their relationship. Nora wants to protect Patch and when she feels he is too close to her mortal enemy, Marcie Millar, she breaks up with him. As Marcie and Patch seem to get closer, an old acquaintance comes back into Nora's life. Scott Parnall and his mother move back into town, and Nora's mom and Scott's mom try at first to get the two together. Scott has some dark secret in his past, a secret his mother and him try to hide. Nora doesn't really like Scott, but she wants to make Patch jealous, so she uses him, while also trying to learn Patch's secret. In the meantime, Nora's best friend Vee begins dating Patch's best friend Rixon, making things awkward for Nora. While trying to figure out Scott's mystery, a source tells Nora who killed her father, a mysterious person called the Black Hand. While Nora tries to discover his identity, she realizes she may be in mortal danger. Since she is fighting with Patch, Nora wonders who will protect her and who the real threat is. Her father's killer may be someone close to her, possibly even a loved one.

I almost gave up on this book again. For the first third of the book, Nora sulks about her relationship with Patch or she obsesses about mean girl Marcie. However the mystery plot of Scott's past and Nora's dad's killer kept my attention up until the cliffhanger end of the book, so I am glad I stuck with it. I don't really like the relationship between Nora and Patch and at times their personalities, but I do like Fitzpatrick's writing style and descriptive language. I am intrigued by the mysteries in the book and will probably read the third book.

Favorite Character: Probably Vee. Vee is funny, flirtatious, and challenges Nora. While she dislikes Nora's boyfriend and lets her know it, she is loyal to Nora and sticks by her no matter what. Vee is also blunt and self-confident, despite being overweight, which is nice to see in a female character.

Favorite Quote: "The only thing a boyfriend was good for was a shattered heart."

I did get a bit annoyed with Patch and Nora at times, but I enjoyed trying to figure out who the bad guys were, so I think this is a 3 cups of cocoa book for me.

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