Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Page 48 Challenge: Booking in Heels

Today's Bout of Books challenge is hosted by Booking in Heels.

Here's how to join in:
  • Turn to page 48 of your current book, or 48% if you're using an e-reader.
  • Take the first complete sentence on that page and copy it.
  • Now you're going to continue the story! Ignoring the real plot or anything else you know about that book, add four new sentences of your very own. You can morph the plot completely, kill everybody off or go off on a huge tangent - anything goes!
So I turned to page 48 in Ten by Gretchen McNeil
"So you're Tara's cousin?" Lori asked

"So you're Tara's cousin?" Lori asked.
"No, I am her evil twin who also happens to be a half-vampire, half-fae, half-werewolf," Janie replied.
"Oh, I guess that is cool," Lori said as she glanced around for someone who was better at conversation.
 "So did you come here alone?" Janie asked while looking at Lori hungrily.

Maybe I have been reading too many paranormal books lately. :)

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