Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ten by Gretchen McNeil

This is my first read for the New Authors Challenge and my retelling read for my first Classic Double challenge.

When you are invited to Jessica Lawrence's party, you don't say no. When Meg and her best friend Minnie receive invitations to go to a weekend long party at Jessica's parents' island house, Minnie is excited and Meg is a bit apprehensive. Meg knows Jessica does not like her, because she stole Minnie away when they were in the 7th grade, but she is willing to do anything for Minnie. When the two arrive on the island they meet the other guests, including Meg and Minnie's crush TJ and Jessica's new boytoy, Ben. There is also Minnie's ex Gunner and his new girlfriend Kumiko, a prissy girl named Vivian, Lori, who is a singer, and two gamer guys, Nathan and Kenny. When it is announced Jessica will not arrive until the next day, the ten decide to make the most of it. They decide to watch a DVD, but find only one in the house. It plays a creepy video and at the end announces Vengeance is Mine! The ten think it is just a practical joke, but then someone dies and as more deaths occur, it is up to Meg to figure out who is stalking the guests and just exactly what crimes they committed. Is someone else on the island or is there a madman in their midst? This twist on the Agatha Christie story will have you wondering if there will really be none at they end.

I loved this twist on the classic story. I am in the middle of the Christie novel, And Then There Were None and McNeil's flowed just as quickly as Christie's. I will make comparisons to the two in another post, but I am impressed with the similar writing styles. Ten was extremely hard to put down and I felt like the characters were well-developed. I know I gasped out loud at some of the scenes and loved trying to figure out the mystery with Meg.

Favorite Character: Meg. Meg is loyal to Minnie, but also not strong enough to really help her. Meg is a little too critical of herself at times, but she is smart and resourceful. She really grows at the end of the story and I thought her relationship with TJ was believable.

Favorite Quote: "I'll just read the first page, Meg said to herself. To find out who the owner is. No harm in that." I think this shows Meg's curiosity well and really anyone's when they find a diary.

This reminded me so much of the spooky teen horror movies I watched throughout high school, but in a good way! It was cleverly paced and the characters and suspense were great. Definitely 5 cups of cocoa! This was the perfect way to start off this year's reading!

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  1. Yeah! So glad you've already started your books for the challenge - and yet, here I am not even thinking about it. Gotta get to Ten soon!