Monday, January 14, 2013

Floors by Patrick Carman

Floors is the first book in the Floors series and takes place in the Whippet Hotel. Merganzer D. Whippet's father left him with an interesting legacy. He is supposed to create wacky inventions and be good at it. Merganzer spent most of his time inventing strange and fabulous rooms in the Whippet Hotel. At the beginning of the story, Whippet has disappeared for over 100 days and on the 100th day, Leo, the son of the maintenance man finds a box in the duck elevator. One of Leo's job, since Mr. Whippet's disappearance is to walk the ducks who live on the top of the Whippet Hotel. The ducks are led by Betty, who is both smart and troublesome. Leo hides the box from everyone, but the new bellboy Remi sees it. Leo opens the box and learns about the wonders of the Whippet Hotel and cautiously includes Remi in the mystery left for him by Mr. Whippet. Leo must find all the boxes and solve the mystery or it could mean the end of the Whippet Hotel.

Full of zany characters and fantastic rooms, Floors is a great middle grades read. I loved meeting all the long-term residents, including the cape-wearing Captain Rickenbacker and Lillian Pompadore and her dog Hiney. Also how cool would it be to live in a hotel with a Pinball machine Room and a Cake Room!

Favorite Character: Leo. Leo is open to adventure and actually really responsible. He helps his dad with the maintenance duties, but still has fun just like any boy. He is also protective of his dad and thoughtful of others' feelings.

Favorite Quote: "You guys can team up all you want." Remi smiled. "But if there is a Cake Room in the place, I'll find it." This sounds exactly like me and I am fantasizing about a Cake Room now. Lemon cake with lemon icing or chocolate cake with chocolate icing would do nicely!

I though this was a fun and quirky story. I get to review the audio of 3 Below for School Library Journal, so I wanted to read/listen to the first one before I began the second. 4 cups of cocoa!

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