Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reading Stack #26

I finished the three books on my last stack, so it is time to load up once again. I am reading Obsidian for my Random Read this month and so far it is interesting. I don't like Daemon much, although Katy seems to be attracted to him. I am only on Chapter 4, so maybe he will show some redeeming qualities soon. I am also reading Beautiful Darkness by Garcia and Stohl and I love getting lost in Lena and Ethan's story again, just like I did in Beautiful Creatures. If I can finish those two books I will have completed my challenges for the year. I would also like to finish the Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong, so I can see how the Supernatural kids story ends. I have started it, but I am trying really hard to read my challenge books first. I still have down to reread Clockwork Prince, but the odds of finishing it before the new year are not good. I love that series, but it breaks my heart everytime I read the twisted love triangle plot. So, I will stick with these four books for my end of the year reads. What do you hope to finish this year?

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