Saturday, December 8, 2012

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend (Legend, #1)
Penguin Group

I finished my third book in the Fall Into Reading Challenge. Legend is the first in the Legend series and book 2, Prodigy will be released in January. It is often compared to the Hunger Games, which it does have an evil dystopian society,  but it is very different from HG.

Each year 10 year olds in the Republic take the Trial, a test to determine their worth to the Republic. June is the Republic's darling. She is the first to score a perfect 1500 score in the Trial and she is about to graduate from college at the age of 15. Day is the Republic's most infamous criminal and failed the Trial. He could be in league with the Colonies who are fighting the Republic saying that the Republic and the Colonies were once United States. He could be fighting for the Patriots, who want to overthrow the "elected" Elector Primo and his regime. In reality, he has his own separate agenda. Day has taken down planes and stolen Notes from a bank, but he never kills anyone, until June's brother Metias. June in her anger wants to hunt down Day and Metias's Commander Jameson and friend, Thomas are willing to allow her the chance. Day for his part was trying to find a cure for the plague for his younger brother. Day throws a knife at Metias as he flees the hospital crime scene, but he thinks he hits Metias in the arm. As June hunts down Day by going to the Lake sector of Los Angelos, she unwittingly befriends the boy and his tagalong Tess. She begins to fall for the boy, until she learns the truth. However as she learns more about Day, she begins to question all she has been taught to believe. Is Day really the cold blooded murder and troublemaker for the good Republic or is the Republic really the enemy? June's decision chould change her world.

I have read several dystopian novels lately and this is one of my favorites. The only one I liked better is Divergent. I loved Lu's writing style and I loved the dual point of views. I think having Day's words in a different font and color than June's was a brilliant publishing idea and it even reflected their different personalities. June's seemed more precise, whereas Day's seemed more thoughtful and informed. June's showed her beliefs in the systems and Day's his ability to see past lies and to the facts. The relationship between the characters was extremely believable and well-developed. I also had a very hard time putting the book down and the pace is so quick, you just don't want to stop reading. Her society seems possible and real, which is a scary thought. You just want June to wake up and take out the Republic. The story is both heart-breaking and thoughtprovoking and  I can't wait until Prodigy.

Favorite Character: Day. He loves his family and is willing to risk everything for them. Even though he knows he should be looking out for himself and his family, he can't help taking care of others, like Tess and June. He is also smart and resourceful and according to many of the females, good-looking.

Favorite Quote: "If you want to rebel, rebel from inside the system. That's much more powerful than rebelling outside the system. And if you choose to rebel, bring me with you."

Definitely a 5 cups of cocoa book! I was completely drawn into the story and loved the characters! Well-developed and extremely strong debut book!

Note to self: I really need to stop reading series or at least start reading sequels, because my TBR pile is huge!

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