Friday, December 21, 2012

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This will definitely have spoilers for Beautiful Creatures, the first book in the Caster Chronicles.
Lena and Ethan barely survived Sarafina’s attack and Ethan only survived because of the Book of the Moons. Lena exchanged the life of her Uncle Macon for Ethan’s life and even though she did not know the consequences, she is filled with remorse. As Lena withdrawals from the world and Ethan, she grows closer to her Dark Caster cousin Ridley and the mysterious John Breed, who has the powers of an Incubus without the limitations. Ethan fears he is losing Lena and has no memory of her sacrifice and the two begin to drift, just as Ethan grows closer to Keeper in Training Liz, who is beautiful and mortal. When Lena breaks off their relationship and runs away, Ethan knows he has the save her and learns that he may actually be made for the job. Ethan, Liz, and Link scramble to save Lena, but could they be too late? The Seventeenth Moon is coming and Lena may be more Dark than Light.
I love the way the authors present the setting. Their descriptions of Gatlin and South Carolina are great and their use of the Tunnels to travel to Georgia also make me want to visit Savannah. The secondary characters are some of my favorites, particularly the characters of Amma, Link, Macon, and Ridley. I loved the flashbacks to Macon's past. I also think the relationship between Ethan and Lena is very realistic and the fact that both realize it is not going to be bubble gum and roses the whole time makes it believable. I can't wait to begin the third book, Beautiful Chaos.
Favorite Character: My favorite new character would be Liz. Liz is funny, compassionate, and English.  I almost wish Ethan would choose her over Lena, almost. I love that Ethan and Lena fight so hard to be together, but that they are willing to sacrifice their relationship if it is what they think is best for the other. I love Amma and Macon too, even though we don't see much of Macon in this book, except mainly through the flashbacks. I think Link is my favorite in this book though. He is hilarious and loyal both to Ethan and Ridley.
Favorite Quote: "We don't get to choose what is true. We only get to choose what we do about it." I think we often want to change the truth and that it is hard to accept when we can't do this, so I think this is a great quote for life in general.
I love the gothic feel of this series and the great characters. Definitely a 5 cups of cocoa book and series!

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